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TMM provides the complete one-on-one 8a application preparation service for firms seeking to apply for Federal certification through the U.S. Small Business Administration. Upon the firm submitting their formal certification package for approval and, if the SBA requires additional information or rejects the package; TMM will address the concerns raised by the U.S. Small Business Administration at no additional cost. TMM will provide the following.

Conduct telephone or video interview with the primary applicant to determine their qualification eligibility;
Examine and inventory the data received from the applicant; notify the applicant of missing important information;
Evaluate ownership, control, size-standard compliance, economic and/or social disadvantage narrative information from the applicant, including requirements for explanation, waivers or other extenuating circumstances;
Contact the applicant via email, telephone or online conference to discuss the information provided, obtain the missing information and/or data, and provide recommendations;
Develop the Economic or Social Disadvantage Narratives for the Primary Applicant only; (additional applicants will be charged).
Prepare the 8a application, ensuring conformance with SBA regulations;
Assemble the package into a three-ring binder including attachments;
Expedite the final package via Express courier delivery service to the applicant for final review and signature, and to ship to SBA;
Provide post application submittal support services related to SBA’s response for additional information.
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