July 29, 2018

TMM Overview

TMM Enterprises Group, Inc. (TMM) was founded in February 1999, to provide high level business management consulting and technical support services to government agencies and firms operating as prime and sub contractors in the transportation, construction, technical services, and defense industries. TMM also created a proprietary contract and data management system, the Business Opportunities and Reporting System,(BOARDX) and developed training protocols under the Bridges to Contract Opportunities (BRIDGES) brand to provide better access and capacity preparation for small businesses.

In 2014, TMM became a corporation to combine it business consulting, technology and training services with expanded capabilities as a distributor/regular dealer in the industrial products and services industry. TMM has DBE, SBE, MBE, SDB, LSBE certifications.

TMM Services Include:

  • Business Opportunities and Reporting Data Xchange Contract and Data Management Electronic System (BOARDX)
  • Bridges to Contract Opportunities Training, Workshops and Seminars (BRIDGES)
  • Business Development and Management, Capacity Building Consulting
  • Certification Preparation
  • Compliance and Outreach Services and Diversity Program Consulting
  • Industrial Products and Services
  • Marketing, Sales, Proprietary Corporate and Business Intelligence
  • Research, GIS Supported Mapping and Analysis Consulting

Our philosophy is to work with a client’s staff as part of a total management team. We plan, monitor, implement, report and control each project within the client’s parameters.  Most importantly, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs and management style of each individual client and each specific project.


  • Turning Point Magazine “Technology Company of the Year”
  • University of Southern California, Minority Business Development Agency “Minority Service Firm of the Year”

TMM News:

  • LA Times Article, Opening a Port of Entry, February 9, 2009
  • Solar City Teams with TMM|BRIDGES to Deliver Training and Contracts to Local Businesses
  • TMM|BRIDGES Training Press Release