July 29, 2018

Education & Training

TMM has developed training, workshops, seminars and business materials designed to maximize business investment, drive change in the organization, spread common culture and values throughout the target business community and develop sound business models for competitive advantage in the marketplace.

TMM can custom design specific solutions to business challenges utilizing comprehensive, efficient and effective marketing and business resources for access to reliable company intelligence.

TMM’s specialized training curriculum, “BRIDGES to Contract Opportunities, focuses on contract regulations and legalities, accounting, bidding, bonding, financing, safety, marketing and capacity building.

At the conclusion of the BRIDGES training, contract opportunities are made available to the graduating businesses which, as result of the training, have the required resources and preparation to work on procurements in their industry discipline.

TMM maintains a network of the graduating businesses who can take on projects on an on-going basis, that become available through the TMM BOARDX data base.

Industry disciplines and capabilities of BRIDGES graduates are available upon request.

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