July 29, 2018

System At-A-Glance

System Administration Option 1 Option 2 BOARDX Transactional
Transactional Pay-Per-Use Modules*(PPU) N/A N/A X
Annual Subscription x x N/A
Five Thousand Industry Specific Supplier Records X X Optional
Customer Hosted (Optional) X X N/A
Form Customization Add/or Remove Data fields X N/A N/A
System modules
RFX/Bid creation * X * Select Three
Additional Modules, No
Additional Cost
Auto RFX/Bid broadcast * X X
supplier e Proposal creation * X X
Proposal Matching /BID Awarding * X PPU
Supplier Sanction Settings * X PPU
Contract Management X Optional PPU
Supplier Credit and Intelligence Reports Optional Optional PPU
Reverse & Forward Auction Optional Optional PPU
Supplier Data Cleansing and Appending Optional Optional PPU
Video Conference Facility Optional Optional PPU
Blueprint/Plan Room Archive (100GB) Optional Optional PPU
Outreach and communications
Upload and Target Specific Suppliers X Optional PPU
Agency Message Billboard X Optional PPU
Data Management
Upload External RFX & Contract Documents X Optional PPU
Upload External Legacy Supplier and Contract Data X Optional PPU
System Tracking and Reporting
“Good Faith Effort” Report X Optional PPU
Twelve (12) Standard Compliance Reports X Optional PPU
Lower Tier Sub-Contractor Reporting X Optional PPU
Business Payment Tracking X Optional PPU
Exportable Data and Graphic Reports X Optional PPU

X = Available in system configuration

N/A = Module/feature not available in system version

Optional = Module/feature available at additional costs

PPU = Pay-Per-Use access only

* = BOARDX Option 2 additional module selections