Business Opportunities And Reporting Data Xchange (BOARDX)
The TMM designed and developed web-based, supplier and contract data management system that collects, catalogs, tracks, reports and manages supplier and contract data. This licensed data management system provides outreach, program management and administration support for prime contractors, federal, state and local agencies and programs, contract compliance, labor wage compliance monitoring and community outreach services, developers and non-profit entities. BOARDX affects all levels in the procurement and sourcing chain, accepts legacy systems, contracts and databases, provides audit trails, contract controls, tracks and reports to the ‘Nth’ tier, and includes role based security for the licensee.

BOARDX provides:
On-line solutions and tools for business registration management, contract data management, reporting and business intelligence with full-cycle supplier relationship management solutions.
eProcurement solutions from bid opportunities to award through to reporting all data within the system, controlling procurement processing costs, accelerating the purchasing cycle and reports for auditing and compliance.
Advertising to contractors and contract letting agencies providing maximum exposure.
Web and Video conferencing solutions for online events, meetings, demonstrations, training and pre-bid activities. Live “open session” video, content sharing and feedback tools save time and money available exclusively to you for on-going or ad hoc use.
An optional Auction feature for bidders to view the bid of their competitors and adjust their bid until the winning bidder is identified (Reverse Auction). All bids are secured and encrypted and only available to the contracting source upon bid opening time and date. The BOARDX bidding solution meets or exceeds the needs of businesses and public agencies, large and small, to eliminate waste, reduce the time to execute purchases, and offers an avenue for creating fair competition.


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